The Challenge

A Year of Learning Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated deep, preexisting disparities in student academic achievement along racial and economic lines.

Deprived of

In-person Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

School closures reduced the time students had to learn and took away enrichment opportunities that help students find and nurture their passions. They also received significantly less critical guidance on navigating the path beyond high school.

of California youth ages 12-17 reported struggling with mental health issues during the pandemic.

(UCLA Center for Health Policy Research)

2 out of 3 after-school and enrichment providers shuttered during the pandemic.


In Fall 2020 more than 1/3 of LAUSD students were not actively engaged in their online learning.


Now More Than Ever,

LA’s Students Need Us

We can help our students by ensuring they have the resources and supports to fully recover and thrive post-pandemic.

Donate to L.A. Education Recovery Fund

There has never been a more important moment to invest in young people in Los Angeles. Donate today to help our most impacted students recover from the academic, social, and emotional trauma brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.